Inshiraa.com has been created to serve it’s client base having recognised gaps in services for our client-group. The programmes and services created and delivered are learning programmes and are not intended to replace medical or healthcare services or legal guidance. For medical or legal conditions requiring further assistance, it is recommended that medical or legal advice be sought independently.

The current programmes, Change Your Narrative (CYN) and the Trauma Recovery Programme(TRP) are both programmes based on evidence and decades of experience.

Change Your Narrative has been created and developed to enable people who have experienced domestic violence to recalibrate and become whole again.

The Trauma Recovery Programme was created by a specialist in Trauma Recovery. This programme leads to 15 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points and a certificate. Certification is given subject to proof of work completed in the modules provided. We do not assess our clients work; however, clients are encouraged to complete the modules.

The most successful outcomes have resulted from clientele who applied the teachings within each module and created their own charts/grids to improve the areas they felt the need to.

I confirm that I am NOT a doctor or a lawyer, I am NOT a psychotherapist, a psychologist or any other form of clinical/medical health specialist. Any medical or legal requirements need to be accessed through a professional depending on your need.

Inshiraa.com does not claim to provide an outcome. All outcomes are based on your personal situation and your own active involvement.

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The Trauma Recovery Programme is a licensed programme and I am licensed to deliver it.

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