Why Inshiraa.com begins with: Dare to Imagine Life Without Abuse?

I’ve worked with men, women and children who’ve been victims of domestic violence and abuse and have also been the perpetrators of abuse. The single common thread has been the loss of love, not having someone who cared for them enough to make them feel important and know how important they are. That they can do anything they want to and no one, anywhere can stop them.

When I completed my master’s thesis, How Women Escape the Self-Imposed Controls of Marriage, I realised that that was the gift I could give, to let people know that they are incredible, they are so worth it. If nothing else, I could see them, I could see what they couldn’t and I knew they could make it.

Perhaps through me, they could find themselves.

I’ve been doing this all my life and never knew that it made the difference between loving yourself and growing, or not living at all, wilting inside and slowly dying. When the participants of my thesis told me they had left their abusive husbands because of the information I gave them, I thought, ‘maybe other people can make their own decisions too’.

So I Dare You ….

Would you like to come on this journey with me?

You share your truths and I’ll share what women have shared with me.